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Apple Watch

WatchSeries2SpaceGrayBlackSportSkyLogger also supports the Apple Watch if the app is used on an iPhone.

On the Apple Watch all relevant flight data are clearly visible: the altitude and the speed above ground are shown in the first line. A visual variometer as well as the current climb rate meter are located on the left side of the display. On the right side a multi-functional instrument is shown. On the lower part of the display a map around the current position is partially visible. By a drag gesture the map can be completely dragged onto the visible part of the screen.

The multi-function instrument has in its middle a compass rose. Its red background (circle) indicates that the pilot is inside a specific airspace. The compass is rose is surrounded by eight segments. The segments are distance indicator to the next airspaces in their particule direction. As the pilot is currently inside a known airspace all segments are shown in red as well. If the pilot is outside a known airspace - depending on the distance - the segments are either drawn in yellow or green. In case that no known airspaces are in the vicinity of the pilot the segments are drawn in gray.



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